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A dynamic and rapidly growing market of medicines and medical devices in Kazakhstan is one of the most promising areas in the pharmaceutical area of the Commonwealth. The registration of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and equipment with the government authorities is the necessary condition for introducing the new product to the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Effective relationship between the manufacturer and the public health authorities in addressing this issue is a priority for the company «АВС Pharma». Providing professional services for registration, that meet actual needs of modern business, is both a reflection of the company goals and its current position. The «АВС Pharma» consider its distinguishing feature to be, above all, the careful approach in addressing any issue related to the registration of the manufactures products and also timely professional consultation for any stage of registration. The responsible attitude of our employees and a commitment to implementing the necessary volume of work in the optimum time greatly facilitate this labor-intensive and specific procedure. Taking into account the difficulties encountered during the registration «АВС Pharma» always offer the best solutions that meet regulatory standards. Our stability will ensure your confidence. Quality of services of «АВС Pharma» is constantly improving. We will be happy to see you as our returning customer.

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«АВС Pharma» provide registration services in other CIS countries like: